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Over the last couple of months you may or may not have noticed changes behind the scene.

1. We have a new website. You can now find it at or or even Increasingly we will rely upon the new church website as a portal to Livestreaming services, Adult Sunday School Online, zoom small groups and new online content coming.

2. The church has a new app for your ipad, Android tablet or Iphone or Android phone. One easy way to find it is by going to  . You can also download the app directly to your Ipad or Iphone from the Apple store here or here from the Google app store

In each case you may need to search "Living Stones Christian Reformed Church" to connect to our specific app. You'll see our logo. From there you'll be connected to the content from our church.

3. Online Giving. During this time of COVID we have added a new online giving vendor. You can go directly to that on the the web with this link . You can also find links on the church website and on new church app. You can also give to the church via text by texting "give" to (833) 554-0588 and follow the instructions.

We hope to be able to connect you to the links to your Zoom small group meetings, Coffee Break, Sunday School and other church services if you can't make it to our building.