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We've had our Adult Sunday School program suspended during COVID and we've been struggling to figure out how we can continue to do some adult education in its absence.

It's also the case that we have a lot of followers of our online offerings that most of us don't know. That was the genesis of "Living Stones Online. While we do post our Sunday sermons and have our old Sunday School lessons in the archives I thought I might try doing some adult learning classes online in the style of my personal Youtube channel which has been quite successful. Today I posted the first lesson.

For many of you who have been in church for many years the content might be a bit strange. I am adapting the teaching for the audience that we have developed online. Many of them have questions that you may not have ever thought of because you've been in the church for so many years. I do hope, however, that the lessons will be of interest to you, especially if you need to look for words to maybe explain some of what we do and believe in church to friends and neighbors who don't go to church.

In any case this is the first installment. We have nearly 1000 subscribers to our Youtube channel so you will undoubtedly find names in the comment section you don't recognize. Youtube comments are also not always kind or gentle with opinions so don't be upset if you see someone post something that none of you would ever dare say in church. That's the culture of the Internet. If they say something nasty about me (which happens sometimes) don't worry about me. I've had plenty of experience with this sort of thing.

As this develops we'll probably work towards using some of the material for online small groups with people only participating online. pvk