The Bible is Unique in the Way it Answers the Great Puzzle

The Bible faces two related charges from skeptics. The Bible is too much like many other ancient texts and therefore is found wanting on the basis of contemporary moral sentiments. In other words people shouldn't use the Bible as an authoritative text because it's old. The second charge is that the Bible shouldn't be used as an authoritative text because it is not unique enough among ancient texts. What the Bible does is address an ancient puzzle that is as relevant today as it was in the ancient world. How can we account for the pain and seemingly pointless chaos we find in ordinary life? Is this world a product of bad design or no design? But there is also great beauty and glory in the world. So how do we account for that? The Bible is an ancient book that addresses ancient questions that haunt us yet today. Interview with Po the Person Why do Christians say the Bible is the Word of God? John Walton Reading the Old Testament and the Authority of Scripture Which English Language Bible Translation should I read? Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary IVP Bible Background Commentary Christine Hayes Lecture 2 Yale University The Religion of Israel Jonathan Pageau and John Vervaeke God and Relevance Realization Paul Vander Klay and John Vervaeke Why Relate to a Personal God Vander Klay, Vervaeke, Pageau Living Stones Christian Reformed Church Website To donate to LivingStones CRC To download the Living Stones CRC app to find videos, watch live streams, etc. click here All Amazon links here are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon pays a small commission at no additional cost to you if you buy through one of the product links here.